Second tests on the sea

Before you set out on the journey, you must collect the team… We have a team, of course. The team has been preparing for this expedition for several weeks.

After many hours of hard work, after many tests at Ilawa and on the Bialystok Univervsity of Technology  the team of AVAL is ready. On February 21, 2019, the AVAL team left the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Białystok University of Technology) to check the system components in real conditions. Thanks to the kindness of our partners, key elements for the system’s functioning will be checked. The tests will take place on the Unity Line „Wolin” ferry during the voyage to Sweden.

This is the second research expedition carried out on the Wolin ferry. Information about the tests of last year You can be found on our website.
More information soon.

Keep your fingers crossed for the success of the AVAL team!

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