50 meters height!

On 21th and 22nd September 2018 representatives of AVAL checked components of unmanned aerial vehicle in quasi-real conditions. The research was carried out in the training center of the Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environment Protection in Kamionka near Iława (Poland) on the Lake Slim.

The main purpose of the trip was to check the operational capability of a multi-rotor helicopter cooperating with a mobile landing field – an off-road platform designed and built by the Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environment Protection.

As a result, a six-rotor helicopter, powered by wire, was tested in flight at wind speed 9.5 m/s. In this scenario, the takeoff, hover and landing tests in the given conditions took place on the moored landing platform. In the second scenario of the research, the mobile landing platform was towed to the open space on Lake Slim by a special watercraft “Yellow Turtle”. In a series of flights at the target height of 50 m, the operation of the unmanned vehicle system was tested.

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