Vertical takeoff and landing drone

It is worth knowing that there are two types of aircraft within the AVAL system. The closer objects being detected is provided by a wired hexacopter, while the more remote ones can be recognized using a vertical takeoff and landing drone without tethers.

Therefore,  there is work on the next versions of the vertical takeoff and landing drone, parallel to hexacopter tests. It looks like a small plane with a pusher propeller. In addition, the constructors equipped it with four propellers, allowing for vertical takeoff and landing. After the designing phase and checking the drone in the hall, the test flights in the open air took place during August. In that time, phd Leszek Ambroziak from Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Bialystok University of Technology, checked the course of takeoff, landing and maintaining the correct approach to the wind. Further versions of the device were tested.

More about tests of multi-rotor helicopter with dedicated wired power supply on the MF Wolin ferry (Unity Line) You can find here.

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