Sea quest

On 16th and 17th August 2018 representatives of the Białystok University of Technology: Daniel Ołdziej of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Wojciech Walendziuk from  UpLogic spin-off company of Bialystok University of Technology checked the AVAL system components in real conditions. The research was carried out on the MF Wolin ferry of the Unity Line during a voyage from Świnoujście (Poland) to the port of Trelleborg (Sweden).

The first object of the study was an unmanned aerial vehicle – a multi-rotor helicopter with dedicated wired power supply. The following elements were tested: the control system and exchanging the telemetry data of a multi-rotor which was operating in the immediate vicinity of radars, radio transmitters of another ship apparatus. Positive assessment of the stability of the lines and exclusion of mutual interference of the unmanned aircraft and the shuttle allowed to conduct testing flights. A series of take-offs and landings were performed, including the check of the relative hover phase over the ferry that was traveling at a speed of 13-14 knots. Completed flights were summarized by licensed operator of unmanned aerial vehicles  Daniel Ołdziej: The take-off and landing phases require a certain fight with the laws of physics, which is associated with large air swirls in close proximity to the ship, but the flight at higher ceilings of 30-40m is stable and optimistic.

The second research goal was to collect material in the form of video recordings and photos of the surroundings from a moving ship. The permanent obstacles recorded in real conditions occurring in the sea basin such as: buoys, markers, wind farms, as well as mobile vessels will be used for works related to the design of algorithms for detecting and classifying obstacles by the AVAL component – a system of image processing.

We would like to thank Master Jerzy Hajder, the crew of the MF Wolin ferry and the Unity Line for the possibility of conducting tests, providing organizational facilities and assistance in carrying out the tests. Your hospitality, technical support and kindness shown at every step resulted in perfectly completed tests and rich research materials.

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