On 2nd August 2018, on the Bialystok University of Technology, Daniel Ołdziej tested one of the key components of the AVAL system – a multi-rotor helicopter.

Unmanned aerial vehicles will ultimately act as carriers of optoelectronic devices for the image processing system. Its characteristic feature is the wired supply, which allows to eliminate the flight time limitations related to the capacity of the electric supply batteries. Dedicated power supply was implemented in earlier stages of work in laboratory conditions, and tested on 2nd August in field conditions. The range and stability tests of radio links between BSP and ground control station were performed. Test flights and hovering at various ceilings were performed.

The results of the research are promising and allow to look optimistically into the future, however, it should be remembered that the final verification of the AVAL system operation will be strict sea conditions and Neptune’s favor 😉

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